New Intel Core i3 processors with Core i7 performance 3 years ago and low price

intel core i3-10100 price performance

A rarity for players.

However, Intel had a lot more aces up its sleeve than some thought. First, at the beginning of October, Cascade Lake-X processors were presented, which bring higher performance than the Skylake-X series and at the same time as much as 50% (!) Lower prices, and now unofficial performance results of the still unrepresented Intel Core i3-10100 system appeared on the network . To say that his computing power is amazing is nothing to say.

Intel Core i3-10100 from the side of its specification strongly resembles the Intel Core i7-7700 chip 3 years ago. This is a proposal with Hyper Threading, which has 4 cores and 8 threads. Yes, it is the first processor in the Core i3 series in which Intel used 4 cores. In the SiSoft Sandra benchmark we can see that the processor works with 3.6 GHz clock speed, while having 6 MB L3 cache and 1 MB L2 cache.

intel core i3-10100

The price of processors Intel Core i3-10100 will probably convince many lovers of virtual gameplay to buy them. According to unofficial – though reliable – sources, Intel estimates its new chip for just $ 129 (around $ 500). For comparison, the Intel Core i7-7700 on the day of its release cost about $ 400.

Cheaply? Cheap and you can say with a clear conscience that it will be an interesting alternative to processors AMD Ryzen 3000. On the occasion of the premiere of this system will certainly fall prices of the previous generation. It will be interesting.

Source: Guru3D