Netflix finally allows you to disable the most annoying feature

netflix library

Great news for platform lovers.

Autoplaying trailers while browsing your library on Netflix can be useful, especially if you're looking for something interesting to watch. Then we don't have to look for any movie or TV series trailers on the Internet. However, over time, this feature just becomes annoying, which most platform users agree with.

Fortunately, Netflix listened to the complaints of its customers and finally offered the ability to disable trailer auto play in your platform. Best of all, the feature doesn't have to be turned off for the entire Netlfix account. Each profile can set individual auto-play options. We are talking about the autoplay options, because the service enabled not only turning off the autoplay trailers, but also the next episodes of the series.

How do you turn off autoplay on Netflix?

Autoplay cannot be turned off from the Netflix app. Go to his website, log in to his account, and then follow these steps:

1. Move the cursor on yours avatar visible in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Click LPM on the option "Manage profiles".

3. Choose profilein which you want to make changes.

4. On the displayed page, uncheck the option "Automatically play the next episode on all devices", "Automatically play previews when searching on all devices " be both.

netflix profile

5. Click LPM on the inscription "SAVE".

As you can see, disabling AutoPlay will affect all devices using the profile. We are talking about TVs, mobile devices and computers.

Source: Netflix