Netflix CEO: "I intend to subscribe to Disney +"

reed hastings 1

A bold statement.

If you are interested in the character of Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix), then you probably know his liberal approach to the so-called streaming war. During a recent conference in New York, he said a few sentences that only confirmed everyone's belief that he did not change his mind on this issue.

Reed said he is already planning to subscribe to Disney + on the day of release. Why? According to the head of Netflix – "JI am a consumer and I cannot imagine focusing my attention on one platform only. You can't expect it from other people. ". This statement may seem a bit strange at first glance, but it is only opposing one of the obvious extremes.

Personally, I subscribe to Netfliks and HBO GO. Despite the fact that I prefer "red", it just doesn't have everything there, so the choice of the second platform is obvious. Like Reed, I will probably buy a Disney + subscription next year, because there will be content that interests me, and which does not offer any of the other services available on the market. Simple.

In addition, Netflik's CEO does not consider the number of subscribers as an indicator of the popularity of a given platform. According to him, only the time users spend watching content counts. Reed summarized his thoughts on streaming war by saying: "Netflix's position on the market is safe and unwavering".

This does not mean, however, that the platform does not have to fight to maintain the title of the most popular streaming platform on the market. The director general did not speak much about it – he merely stated that "We plan to spend a lot of money and we can't rest on our laurels".

Source: Engadget