NASA wants to find "the second Earth" at all costs. To this end, a huge space telescope will launch

second earth nasa

Important mission for all of us.

It cannot be denied that the ending year was a breakthrough in expanding human consciousness regarding the threats lurking on Earth. Ecology and the future of our planet were probably the main topics in the social sphere. Of course, NASA also deals with these issues.

He deals with the point that he has just issued a special statement regarding the search for a "second Earth". The agency claims that humanity may not survive too longif the climate continues to deteriorate. Added to this is the problem of the rapidly growing population on the planet. So what does NASA propose?

The agency plans to start a named mission "Habable Exoplanet Observatory". Especially for her needs, a space telescope would be created whose task would be to look for a "second Earth" to which humanity could move.

According to scientist Scott Gaudi from Ohio State University:

"Our goal is to check if a planet like Earth (allowing us to maintain life) exists at all. To date, we have identified many planets outside our solar system, but none of them can be qualified as having those necessary elements for the functioning of people. "

visualization of the telescope 1

The telescope will be 4 meters wide and equipped with a 52 meter wide umbrella. This element would block light from nearby stars thus enabling detection of weaker light from more distant stars.

NASA gives three goals for the venture. First of all – searching for nearby habitable planets. Secondly, mapping the "near" planetary systems and studying the different types of planets in them. Third – exploring distant parts of the universe with ultraviolet.

When will the telescope be launched into space? It must first be built and tested. So, the agency has withheld even approximate dates.

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