NASA wants astronauts to light a fire at the Space Station

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Starting a fire at the International Space Station is not a good reason. Mainly because it is a hermetic, closed environment high above our planet. Adding virtually zero amount of gravity to this, the situation can get uncomfortably faster than everyone expects. However, NASA wants to take this small risk. The American Space Agency is preparing an experiment under which astronauts on the ISS will be lighting a fire and examine its impact under specific conditions.

Astronauts will be asked by NASA about lighting a fire on the ISS in a miniature wind tunnel – the case will take place in the coming weeks. NASA's goal is to understand how fire behaves and spreads in a microgravity environment. This type of research is also to be used by the Agency to save life in space – mainly with thought about future space missions towards the surface of the Moon or Mars. Thanks to the responses collected by the astronauts themselves, NASA will also be able to better design the living space environment.


This is also not the first time an experiment with fire will be carried out in space. Previous attempts at "fires" that took place in 2016 and 2017 have shown that microgravity actually allows you to ignite a flame, but fire develops much slower than on Earth. The new NASA experiment will be slightly longer this time – scientists assume it will last about six months.

The engineers responsible for coordinating the entire test are excited about the situation. They claim that astronauts are ready to do the task and they are eager to see how the flames will behave in an environment with low gravity.

It remains to be hoped that during or after the tests we will be able to see it all with our own eyes. Even in the form of short video material.

Source: MYTH