NASA reveals its electric plane. It is to be an inspiration for others

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Maxwell X-57 model.

NASA has been working on its experimental electric aircraft for many months and finally decided to show it – the model was designated as Maxwell X-57 and is to be an inspiration for other producers in the context of the technologies used. The American Space Agency has received its vehicle from Empirical Systems Aerospace from California.

Currently, Maxwell X-57 is in the basic configuration named by engineers Modification II or simply Mod II. The current version of the aircraft uses electric rotor engines, thus replacing traditional jet solutions. NASA technology is expected to work well for less noise and performance, as well as environmental friendliness.

In the future, the Maxwell X-57 electric plane is to undergo further modifications and change the names. In the coming months will appear version Mod III and Mod IV. Both projects are currently in the testing phase and contain elements such as the new wing, which better withstands loads and also generates more lift. The whole is checked by scientists in the NASA Flight Loads laboratory. Agency representatives say they are checking solutions there, which will be useful to the entire aviation industry.


By developing its electric aircraft and all its components, NASA is striving to create a technology that commercial manufacturers can also implement – so that the entire aviation industry is more efficient and environmentally friendly. The biggest limitation of the Maxwell X-57 aircraft is currently the capacity of the built-in battery: it may only be used for short-haul flights. Nevertheless, the engine system developed by the Agency is more compact, lighter and easier to maintain than its combustion counterpart.

There is nothing else to do but wait for more details as well subsequent Maxwell X-57 projects.

Source: reuters