NASA gives the year people can stand on Mars


Will this deadline be met?

During the International Astronautical Congress, which takes place this week in Washington, NASA chief decided to share interesting information related to the Agency's manned mission to Mars. It is already known that NASA wants to "plant" a man on the moon by 2024. So how much will we have to wait for as humanity to stand on the surface of the red planet?

For now, NASA is focusing on the Artemis program, in which the richest countries in the world will be involved – the matter is related to landing on the moon, but the head of the Agency also spoke on the matter of Mars. According to Jeff Bridenstine, astronauts will be able to stand on the surface of the red planet already around 2035. Why then? First of all, because at the moment the American Space Agency intends to focus on the mission to the moon and the development of the base and technology that will allow astronauts to move between our natural satellite and the earth.


It is worth remembering that in the mission to Mars we are talking only about the participation of NASA – no other companies will be involved in the case even in the form of SpaceX or Blue Origin. Elon Musk swears that he will be able to send astronauts to Mars in 2025, but realistically looking at the current possibilities and projects being developed, it is hard to believe that this whole procedure will be successful.

The landing of people on Mars is to take place in places that will remain previously examined by other equipment, including probes and robots. Scientists as the ideal place most often indicate the Jezero crater, which is a giant basin north of the equator of the planet itself.

Do NASA's plans sound real? Given the ever faster development of technology, on Agency paper can succeed. As usual, however, reality will finally verify these types of plans.

Source: TechCrunch