Music from Mario played on two payment terminals [wideo]

mario on payment terminals

Music for # Friday.

Is the name Floppotron Is he telling you something? Paweł Zadrożniak built this unusual musical instrument from floppy disk drives, scanners, hard drives and various electronics. He became famous for many covers of iconic songs, among which the Imperial Marches of Star Wars should certainly be highlighted. Listen:

The hero of today's post, however, is not Mr. Paweł (#pdk), but another talented man. It is the person who runs the channel Device Orchestra on YouTube, which decided to change two payment terminals into a musical instrument. Only two devices and, of course, a bit of programming were enough to recreate the main theme from the game Super Mario Bros. Effect? Wyborny, see for yourself:

It's impressive, right? One day the same artist decided to play a song Darude Sandstorm on toothbrushes and … not only. 😉 The weekend is getting closer, so remember this excellent classic.

And then look at Take On Me from A-Ha and let your jaws drop.

Source: Device Orchestra, Paweł Zadrożniak