MSI Alpha 15 – the first laptop in the new gaming series with processor and AMD card

2020-01-15 121058

Radeon RX 5500M on board.

MSI introduces a new series of gaming laptops called Alpha. These are the first notebooks in the world with a graphics card made in the technological process 7 nm. Starting the model series MSI Alpha 15 is targeted at users who expect efficient gaming equipment in Full HD at a reasonable price.

Alpha 15 is the first representative of the new series of notebooks for players from MSI. The design combines an efficient 8-thread Ryzen 7 3750H processor with a graphics card from the AMD Navi series, Radeon RX 5500M. It is a card with the same specification as intended for Radeon RX 5500 XT desktops. The only change is the slightly lowered core clock, which allows you to achieve even better energy efficiency, and thus lower system temperatures and longer battery life.

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In its assumption, Alpha is a series of affordable products. Currently, the laptop is available in several configuration versions, and new variants will appear in the future. MSI Alpha laptops can accept up to 64 GB of RAM. In addition to the 120 Hz refresh matrix, they can work with 144 Hz or even 240 Hz panels. Steel Series keyboard with full RGB backlight is also compatible with the design.

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MSI offers a 2-year manufacturer's warranty for notebooks. The suggested retail price of MSI Alpha 15 on the Polish market is from usd 4 299 for the cheapest version up to usd 5,499 for the most advanced configuration.

There is a promotion when buying a new MSI laptop. As part of it you can receive two games. You can choose from Borderlands 3, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint or The Outer Worlds.

MSI Alpha 15 specification

Source: MSI