Mozilla fires more employees due to financial problems

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It is going wrong.

It would seem that Mozilla is not doing badly at all. After all, the Firefox Internet browser according to Netmarketshare enjoyed a share of around 9% in December and was the second most-chosen application of its kind in the world. Unfortunately, the reality does not look so rosy, and Mozilla doesn't earn as much as she was supposed to earn. As a result, about 70 employees have to say goodbye to the company.

This information about the dismissals fell in internal correspondence between Mozilla's CEO, Mitchell Baker, and employees, which Techcrunch has acquired. Baker informs that "slightly more" than 70 people may be released, as restructuring decisions in the French and British divisions have not yet been taken.

"Reducing the number of employees was something that the Steering Committee considered as part of our planning and budgeting activities this year only after exploring all other options. The final decision was taken just before the Christmas break, and work on finalizing the exact shape of the employee structure lasted until January (in Great Britain and France are still discussing final decisions) "we read.

Mozilla's idea of ​​generating profits is, among others paid VPNwho to Firefox browser will hit in a while. Under Firefox Premium package the user would also be able to access the virtual disk and potentially other benefits. However, the deadline for launching the service has not yet been announced.

We hope that Mozilla's recent investments in new products of $ 43 million will bring the expected results and the developer of one of the best web browsers will get back on its feet. Firefox's absence from the market would be something that many people would find difficult to come to terms with.