Mozilla employs volunteers to replace redundant workers

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Any eager to work for free?

About great layoffs at Mozilla I informed you almost two weeks ago. Reductions in employment are the result of financial problems faced by a company unable to monetize its services effectively enough. It turns out to be a popular producer Firefox web browser he is not idle and does not intend to reduce the number of employees in the company. Instead of paid people, it employs … volunteers.

Is it exploitation or maybe …

Mozilla employs volunteers who want to work for free primarily to hunt for bugs in the Nightly version of the application. In internal correspondence, company representatives say that the hunting bug should not take more than 30 minutes a week and is "a great way to learn more about how Firefox and its code look from within." Will there be many willing to work for free? Probably so.

According to information on NightlyCrashTriage website we see that there are still a few free places for Tuesdays and Wednesdays to analyze errors occurring in builds from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. "We each offer detailed documentation to start with. We will soon add more documents on tools that make work easier. At the moment we have four vacancies, but if there are more candidates for one place, we will be happy to cooperate with extramural people," we read.

Mozilla has dismissed a total of about 70 employees, and may soon also dismiss new ones. The reason is the lack of a positive long-term profit forecast. The producer guilty of the situation indicates a slower than expected development of new services based on subscription, including an interesting Firefox Premium package.