Motorola RAZR presented! Sentimental return to 2004


She's beautiful.

The wait is over. Motorola officially presented its new version of the iconic smartphone from years ago. Motorola RAZR has a foldable screen, it looks like the original one and will cost $ 1,499. Unfortunately, it will not look as good as on the promotional film. Take a look at the official video with the hero of this post:

Before opening the flip, the user will look at the 2.7-inch screen with a modest resolution of 600×800 pixels. This is where the date, time, battery coverage and charge status will appear, as well as notification data. When you open the flip, your eyes will appear larger, 6.2-inch P-OLED screen with a resolution of 876×2142 pixels. There are two doubts here.

First of all: many people thought that the screen would be even slightly "wrinkled" at the folding place. The Verge editors who have already had the opportunity to interact with the device say that the bend point "is not really visible", but it is not known what will happen with the use of the smartphone over time. I don't think Motorola can completely eliminate something that Samsung and Huawei did not eliminate, but I must admit that the first photos suggest that it is different.

The second caveat concerns the aspect ratio of the screen. We all know perfectly well that humanity has not jumped on screens with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 on Sony smartphones. Will it be different here? In fact … it can be. Motorola RAZR has taken root so deeply in the minds of older smartphone users that many of them may want to use such a "flip smartphone". I would like.

Motorola Razr 1

The smartphone performance is ensured by Snapdragon 710 and 6 GB of RAM. These components in combination with a screen with a relatively low resolution can justify the presence of a low-capacity 2510 mAh battery. Maybe such a small battery is enough for complete happiness? 128 GB of space is allocated for the data.

The users will be provided with a 16 Mpix main camera (f / 1.7) and a 5 Mpix front camera visible after opening the flip. The equipment will use technology eSIM, so we won't put in a regular physical card. Of course, there was also a USB Type C and fingerprint reader.

Initially, only Verizon customers in the US will buy equipment for $ 1499. Pre-orders will start on December 26. We hope that it will also be available in Europe. If it is, expect a price over usd 6,000. Expensive.

How do you like the classic in the new edition?

Source: Motorola