Motorola Razr available in Poland. Folded smartphone for over usd 7,000

motorola razr

Only in Orange.

At the end of January, Motorola announced the introduction of a foldable smartphone in Poland, which looks really innovative compared to other devices available on the market. The futuristic design referring to classic folding phones from years ago makes a really big impression about what Maksym wrote about the Polish premiere.

Motorola Razr has just been announced for sale. The equipment can only be purchased online Orange. Price? No surprise. You have to pay for an eSIM version smartphone without a contract 7299 usd.

2020-02-06 122924

Of course, Orange offers many subscription plans, so lovers of news wanting to stand out with the original smartphone do not have to immediately put out the entire amount. For example, selecting mobile plan 75 We will pay for Motorola 24 x 285 usd. A subscription fee of usd 75 must be added to the installments and the contract is valid for 24 months.

Motorola razr combines the iconic flap design with a modern, large touch screen. The use of a unique hinge has allowed to combine the functionality of a modern phone with compact dimensions.

Source: Motorola