Motorola challenges the Moto Razr hinge test result and publishes its own

Audiatur et altera pars. In any dispute, one should be given a chance to defend a site that has been attacked in some way. As an attack, Motorola apparently received a test by CNET journalists about the Motorola Razr smartphone. Representatives of the Chinese brand Lenovo question the reliability of the test procedure, which showed that Moto Razr hinge gave up after a cycle of 27,000 spreads.

CNET journalists used the FoldBot machine to check the hinge strength of the new Moto Razr, which you can buy in Poland for just over usd 7,000. Earlier this machine was used to test Samsung Galaxy Fold, which withstood the cycle of 120,000 assemblies. Many commentators had reasonable reservations about the way she worked.

I remind you that the test looked like this:

Motorola representatives have alleged that "the machine was not designed to test Motorola Razr". It's true, but the question is whether every smartphone users' hands will spread the new Razr like Motorola's equipment. Either way, Motorola showed its machine that tested a high-tech hinge. Everything looks like this:

There is no doubt that the CNET test was not overly well developed. The equipment was created for a different smartphone and here right is undoubtedly on Motorola's side. Razr was not perfectly embedded in the machine, which was not able to fully close the smartphone every time, which could affect the test result. The editors had to change the position of the tested device many times, which could also affect the final result. What else? The robot folded and unfolded the smartphone 2.5 times per second (!), which must have caused a significant increase in temperature in the hinge module. It is difficult to say that this is normal use of the phone. Let's agree that hardly anyone handles a smartphone like an egg, but …

What is the truth? The truth probably lies as always – somewhere in the middle. Users buying this type of smartphones must reckon with the fact that they are the first to test new technology and should be prepared for the possible consequences.

It is worth noting that Moto Razr tested in its test the popular YouTuber Zack, who runs the JerryRigsEverything channel. How was Motorola's latest offer? See here.