More dangerous applications have been discovered in the Play Store

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Which one is it once?

Wandera, a mobile security company, discovered two applications in the Play Store that could expose users to some unpleasantness. Fortunately, Google worked fairly quickly and services are no longer available for download. However, please check that the programs below are not on your smartphone – if so, delete them immediately!

I am talking about applications Sun Pro Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camerathat have been downloaded in total around 1.5 million times. Malware adware implemented in them did not allow the user to comfortably use the phone.

After clicking on the advertisement inside the program, the virus was activated and displayed full-screen spots difficult to close. These were played even when the application was apparently not turned on. Imagine how annoying it must have been.

adware 1

These types of developer practices are not only annoying, but also can reduce battery life and even lead to a smartphone malfunction.

Adware was described in the following way by researchers from Wander:

"Advertising software is usually perceived as being a nuisance to the user. This type of adware also kills productivity, which can lead to more serious consequences for companies. Intrusive advertisements outside the applications disturb users during their work, block devices, drain the battery, and even completely destroy the smartphone. Adware enables developers to monetize infected equipment. "

We remind you once again – please check if you have any applications installed on your smartphone Sun Pro Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera.

Source: PhoneArena