Mixcloud: 20 million users data for sale on the dark web


It's worth changing your account password.

A person who would undertake to count all data breaches in the past year would probably be rewarded with a huge sum of money. If someone of our readers wants to be someone, then it's worth adding the title case to the list.

The British streaming platform Mixcloud has just admitted that the data has been stolen from about 20 million users. The violation occurred at the beginning of November, and the information obtained by the hacker was put up for sale on Dark Web. The person behind the incident contacted several popular editors and provided them with some records for verification.

ZDnet editors examined the authenticity of the data. Sent to email the data included usernames, email addresses and passwords encrypted with SHA-2 algorithm. There was also the date of registration of the account, last login date, last login country, IP address and links to profile photos.

mixcloud-ad 1

The hacker says he has posted 21 million unique records on the "dark side of the internet." The data was valued at 2000 dollars or 0.5 bitcoin. It is surprising, however, that the company did not approach the crime in any way. Apart from the statement "there has been a data theft", the users have not obtained any information.

It is therefore unknown whether the company plans to inform the relevant services. If so, Internet users will probably receive a notification in some time. Everyone who has an account on Mixcloud is encouraged to change their password.

Source: ZDnet