Minors will not see all posts on Instagram and Facebook

instagram changes

Good change.

It seems that all kinds of influencer will significantly reduce the reach and income from advertising. Instagram introduced a significant change according to which people under 18 will not be shown advertising content related to cosmetics, slimming and other selected products. This is not just about advertising, but above all sponsored posts. Similar changes will apply to Facebook in the near future.

"We want Instagram to be a friendly place for everyone and our latest changes are tergo expressions. We want to reduce the broad-based pressure exerted on social media by young people.", said Emma Collins in a press release. The website users will also find tools that will help report cases of circumventing the website's regulations by not marking sponsored content.

The first celebrities already realized that the range of their posts has decreased. People like Iggy Azalea, Khloé Kardashian and Perez Hilton regularly upload sponsored material that has now been censored. There are plenty of examples of posts published on Twitter after the Instagram changes.

Probably this year similar changes will be hosted on Facebook. It is not known, however, how they will look in practice in this place.

Source: Buzzfeed