Millions of Chrome 79 users at risk of data loss, update rolled back

Chrome 79 bug

Do you have Chrome 79? You have a problem.

Chrome 79 appeared to be a great web browser. Google has announced that it has patched the new version of its popular program until 51 potentially dangerous bugs, and also added a function informing about the theft of user login data. Unfortunately, the Android version of the application has a serious vulnerability. So serious that Google decided to suspend the update. There is of course a problem: millions of people around the world (50% of all users) have already downloaded Chrome 79.

Google engineers inform that as a result of the error access to local data of applications using access to Chrome via WebView is prevented. In the latest versions of Android, this feature helps render web content in apps using Chrome – for example, when in a given application you log in to a website or use a browser like DuckDuckGo, which does not have its own internal rendering engine.

The reason for the confusion is quite simple: the new Chrome 79 stores data in a new location to which data from localStorage and WebSQL is not migrated correctly. Good news: the data is not deleted. Bad: no access to them. The company is now considering two potential solutions: continuing migration by moving files to new locations or undoing changes and moving some of the migrated files to the previous location.

"We will issue the appropriate information when either of these two options is selected"we read. The engineer asked Chrome users about "gathering a list of packages affected by the problem", which suggests that there is still a way to identify and fix all the negative effects of the update. At this point, we don't know exactly which applications will stop working properly as a result of migration to Chrome 79.

The scale of the problem it perfectly shows the Chrome browser ratings section of the Google Play store, where new one-star reviews have been rapidly emerging in recent days.

If you already use Chrome 79, then … you can wait. Wait and keep your fingers crossed so that you do not lose your data.

Source: Chromium