Microsoft will remove Microsoft Store from Windows 10? He is to take the first step

Microsoft Store for business and education removed

Are Microsoft Store days counted?

Some companies like to stubbornly stick to the error and preach that all the solutions they propose are perfect. One of them is not Microsoft, which in the past has repeatedly shown that without hesitation it can remove from its systems functions that do not gain applause from users. This is likely to happen between two variants of the Microsoft Store application, i.e. the official application store.

When the Microsoft Store debuted in Windows 10, it was then known as the Windows Store. Pretty soon after its premiere, the giant from Redmond began testing the accompanying smaller virtual stores, which were dedicated to narrower target groups. I am talking about Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store for Education, which are to be deleted soon.

Microsoft Store in editions for schools and business were created for administrators who wanted to make applications available to a narrower group of users outside the common distribution channel. Even the "main" Microsoft Store is still not the default point from which OS users install their applications – the popularity of two stores dedicated to narrower target groups is even smaller. This is supposed to be the reason for closing both of these stores at the end of the current fiscal year, ending on June 30.

The closing of Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store for Education confirms ZDnet, which, citing its sources, states that even the future of the Microsoft Store main client integrated with Windows 10 is uncertain. At the same time, the web version would be maintained.

The latest system Windows 10X created for devices with two screens will most likely allow you to install applications only from the Windows Store. If this does not gain due popularity, then the fate of Microsoft Store seems basically counted.

Source: ZDnet