Microsoft will integrate Outlook with Gmail

gmail outlook 1

Good news.

Do you use several e-mail clients? Are Outlook and Gmail the absolute case? If you answered yes to these two questions, we have great news for you. Microsoft has just begun testing the integration of the title website with the services of the giant from Mountain View.

Fortunate or unfortunately – we are talking about rather early tests that do not allow a detailed presentation of the final state of affairs. Reader of The Verge portal after entering the Internet client Outlook noticed notification informing about the possibility of adding a Gmail account and Google Calendar to the Microsoft service.

Thanks to this, he got the option of quickly switching between inboxes, but unfortunately this functionality turned out to be not very friendly. Switching to Gmail (or vice versa) results in refreshing the entire browser tab. It is not known how the Calendar integration with Outlook works – the novelty currently exists only on paper.

Currently, it is possible to synchronize only one Gmail account with Outlook, which is obviously a significant limitation. Many people use several Gmail addresses – so the new feature may be completely unnecessary for them.

Source: The verge