Microsoft will display ads in the WordPad editor. And what will you do with it?

wordpad windows ads

Microsoft checks your patience.

Once, by spending your hard-earned (or pocket money) money on software, you could be sure that the developer will not be enough cheekyto serve ads on your paid software. Unfortunately, times are changing, and software developers feel completely unpunished in the face of the silent consent of consumers for their unethical actions. Let him serve as an example Microsoft, which is pushing ads into its next application.

After the mobile Outlook ads in the Windows mail client, it was time to advertise the Office Online suite and individual applications included in it in the popular WordPad, pre-installed on all Windows 10 computers. The default text editor in Windows 10 is to display up to six different messages, reports Rafael Rivera, who was the first to come across new forms of promotion. These messages are as follows in the English version of the application:

  • "Try Word online for free."
  • "Try Word for free online."
  • "Use Word for free online."
  • "Use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for free online."
  • "Try Office for free online."
  • "Try Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for free online."

wordpad ads windows 10 test
Source: Rafael Riviera

Banners will be displayed between the upper part of the WordPad interface and the interface fragment with a field for editing text. Each time the advertisement will be accompanied by the "Open Word" or "Open Office" button, depending on the displayed message. The attached screenshots show that the advertisement can be closed, but it does not seem that it can be done permanently – this can appear every time you start the program.

wordpad ads windows 10
Source: Rafael Riviera

Microsoft is slowly turning Windows into an advertising board and I'm afraid that if the community doesn't object strongly, it won't change much. Of course, at this moment WordPad ads are "just" an experiment. An experiment to test consumer patience.