Microsoft Surface Duo caught in the subway [wideo]

microsoft surface duo film

It looks pretty good.

Microsoft in October last year presented several new, interesting devices that will reach stores before the end of 2020. I'm talking about devices with two screens – Surface Neo and Surface Duo. The work is apparently going for Microsoft, because a working Surface Duo smartphone was seen in the hands of one of the people traveling SkyTrain in Vancouver, Canada.

A recording presenting Microsoft Surface Duo has placed Israel Rodgriguez on the network. A few days ago, he announced his publication in one of his tweets, in which he showed one of the frames from his material. While some Internet users questioned the credibility of the photo at the time, looking at the video below, no one seems to doubt that the mysterious man is using Surface Duo.

Not only was recorded on the above recording Android interface reminiscent of Windows 10X, but also various ways to use the gadget. The man on the recording checks e-mail, plays games and undertakes other activities to see how you can fully use the presence of two screens in this interesting smartphone.

We know that Surface Duo uses two 5.6-inch screens that can be combined into a larger 8.3-inch screen. You can run two different applications on each display. One of them can also be used as a comfortable keyboard or pad in games. The Snapdragon 855 ensures the performance of the equipment.