Microsoft removes Notebook from the Microsoft Store. What happened?

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Small buzz.

Microsoft has changed its ambitious plans for the Windows Notepad application. The basic text editor from Windows 10, which appeared on Windows systems when they were installed, was to be replaced by the version from the Microsoft Store. The Redmond giant quickly withdrew from this decision, and Notebook has just disappeared from this not very popular application platform.

What next with Notebook?

Microsoft wanted Windows 10 Notebook to be replaced by its Microsoft Store version. The reason was very simple: updates. The application integrated with the system is updated sporadically, on the occasion of two large patches for Windows 10 released each year. The advantage of the app from the Windows Store were to be patches made available to it more often. There was also an obvious drawback to this solution.

Ever wondered what percentage of Windows 10 users look into the Microsoft Store? Microsoft resigning from supporting the tool integrated with the system would risk that many people would not download Notebook from the store and were stuck with an outdated version of the application. It was concerns about this state of affairs that could have prompted Microsoft to withdraw from its previous announcements.

windows 10 notebook

Microsoft has not denied that Notepad will return to the Microsoft Store again. The company has announced, however, that Windows 10 build 19035 for Insiders will no longer include the version of Notepad from the program store.

Notebook has stopped working – what to do?

If you are members of the Insider program and have used the Notebook version of the Microsoft Store, then you won't be able to do this anymore. If you have pinned it to the Taskbar, then clicking the icon probably does not launch the application. To fix it, unpin the icon from the toolbar and pin the version of Notepad sewn in Windows 10.