Microsoft patches annoying errors in the new Windows 10 update

windows 10 updates

Like small things, but …

Microsoft provides subsequent cumulative updates for Windows 10. This time, these are patches for newer versions of the system, namely 1903 and 1909, which focus on removing bugs registered in recent months. Many of you will see updates on your computers today KB4534132 and KB4532695. Are you wondering what they fix? Here's the answer.

The most important of the corrections introduced in the latest updates applies to File Explorer, and more precisely its search bar. For a long time there was an error in this place that prevented the text from being pasted into the search engine window by right-clicking on it. The corrections do not end there, because Microsoft also averted the bug causing "freezing" of this bar after right-clicking on its area.

An optional patch also makes some minor corrections to the Start menu. From now on, the personalized layout of live tiles should not change by itself after restarting your computer. Sometimes this phenomenon occurred even when the system was blocked.

The Redmond giant has also made it minor improvements in user verification using biometrics through the Windows Hello service. From now on, Windows 10 on desktop computers and laptops equipped with a webcam will noticeably more effectively identify the user's face.

You will install both patches manually by going to the Windows Update section on your system. Worth it.