Microsoft Learn Chinese – will artificial intelligence replace the teacher? (review)

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An interesting application to learn Chinese.

Learning a foreign language requires regularity. Daily, even not too long, lessons bring much better results than hours of sessions several times a month. The smartphone that we carry around most of the day works very well in this role. All you need is the right application. Price: usd 0 / Android: 5.0 and newer
Microsoft Learn Chinese "width =" 128 "height =" 128Microsoft Learn Chinese is a very interesting title for people who want to start their adventure (or refresh knowledge) with Chinese. Prepared by teachers together with specialists from Microsoft Research Asia, the application focuses on learning to communicate effectively in many everyday situations. For this purpose, it uses tools based on artificial intelligence. It's free and doesn't display ads. However, it requires at least basic knowledge of English.

Lessons of increasing difficulty are grouped around various topics such as names, nationalities, food, etc. At the beginning we learn new words and phrases in the following pages. Importantly, we can immediately record your pronunciation of a given expression – it will be evaluated by algorithms and we will receive feedback on the correctness. I must admit that this is a very interesting solution. It works quite well, but for the best results we should speak the words loud and clear. After completing the study, we go to the quiz. If you repeat a given lesson, additional exercises are displayed, such as putting the words in the correct order.

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However, the most interesting feature of Microsoft Learn Chinese are interactive dialogues. We unlock them after completing and completing the full lesson. Our task is to speak the appropriate Chinese in accordance with the instructions. Each time the statement is evaluated by the said algorithm. This simulation allows (to some extent) to get used to speaking in a foreign language and makes learning with the application an interesting challenge.

Microsoft Learn Chinese is a very interesting project. The possibility of "talking" in a foreign language gives a lot of fun. Technically, you can attach to a few issues (often too small a font for Chinese characters, occurring delays in playing recordings, etc.), but educational values ​​cannot be overestimated. This is one of the best Chinese language learning applications I've ever had.

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