Microsoft Launcher 6.0 on Android tempts with a beautiful interface

Microsoft Launcher 6 preview download

Preview version available to everyone.

Windows on smartphones will not appear soon, but if you would like to see on your device an interface similar to that of Microsoft devices, then you have such an opportunity. All thanks to the Microsoft Launcher application, which is one of the best launchers created for Android. The new Microsoft Launcher 6.0 brings a lot of useful changes in the interface and is now widely available in the preview version.

Microsoft Launcher 6.0 is the largest update so far a favorite launcher. Its interface has been redesigned in such a way as to give users a visual and functional substitute for what will be offered to them by software developed with a view to Surface Duo. In the launcher from Microsoft you will find a lot of new widgets, icons (also adaptive), and even a panoramic mode.

Microsoft Launcher 6.0 3

Changes did not bypass the application list section, dock and search interface. New are big changes in light and dark modes, and Microsoft also ensures even better performance of its solution. Also new is the carousel of Bing wallpapers in the background downloaded from the web or the ability to use your own photos. Invariably, you can program gestures that allow you to run individual apps, change the background colors, or use the function of creating shortcuts on the desktop for various functions of the device.

Microsoft Launcher 6.0 2

important: Unlike previous Microsoft Launcher beta versions, the preview variant appears as a separate item in the Google Play store. So if you've used Microsoft Launcher 5.5, for example, you'll have to download the app again – an upgrade is not enough. At the same time, be aware that Microsoft is warning against small bugs that may still be present in the new test version of the tool.

You can download Microsoft Launcher 6.0 preview by going through to this address.