Microsoft has released its antivirus as an add-on to the Chrome browser


Microsoft is trying to convince us to use Edge as the default browser, but Chrome is the most popular and it will be difficult to chase it away. Therefore, it is worth ensuring the safety of not only your product, but also a popular competitor’s product. Therefore, the Windows Defender Browser Protection extension has been released, designed for Google browsers.

According to research from 2017, Microsoft Edge is the browser that most effectively protects against phishing attacks designed to convince users to provide sensitive data to criminals. Edge’s efficiency achieved 99% protection, while Chrome’s 87%. It’s worth remembering that Chrome 60 has been tested, and Chrome 66 has been released today, so current results may vary.

The Microsoft extension is expected to increase the security of browsing Google Chrome, adding another layer of security. The extension protects against phishing in real time and prevents opening of malware distribution pages. The extension will show a classic red screen with a warning after attempting to enter the malicious site. In this way, it will also protect us from going to the malicious site from the link received by email.

The extension nests next to the address bar in the browser and can be turned off if needed. The protection is based on a real-time database of known malicious links collected by Microsoft. If the link is on the “black list”, the user will be notified and will be able to quickly return to the secure part of the Internet.

The system described above is the same security that is found in Microsoft Edge. The extension is therefore a good way to access highly rated security in Chrome, not just on Windows.

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