Microsoft has created and released a fantastic font for programmers

Cascadia code download

It is worth using it.

Microsoft has announced on its official developer blog that it has released a new font for programmers. The source font was announced in May during the Microsoft Build event Cascadia Code is now available for download via company website on GitHub.

Cascadia Code is a fixed width font, designed especially for people creating and editing code, programming environments and terminal applications. It will hit in the next update, among others to the Windows Terminal program. It was from this program (previously hidden under the name Project Cascadia) that the font got its name. Internet users voted for her on Twitter, where Cascadia won with the names Cedar, Emerald and Seattle.

Microsoft Cascadia Code

An interesting feature There is a clear distinction between O and 0 characters to help reduce typos in the code. Cascadia Code also supports ligatures. Visual Studio Code users must activate them manually in the settings menu. What is going on? For automatically combining characters into special characters – for example, after entering> = we get ≥.

How to install Cascadia Code?

If you decide to download the font, just right-click on the file downloaded to your computer and select the appropriate item from the context menu to install it. Linux Ubuntu users can install new fonts using the fc-cache -f -v command.

Source: Microsoft, GitHub