Microsoft, Google and Mozilla send each other cakes to update their browsers. Where does this tradition come from?

Microsoft Mozilla Google 3 cakes

An interesting fact from the IT industry.

It is very often the case that representatives of companies that are big competitors on a daily basis live in very good cooperation with each other. Let's take the example of the trio of the best-known browser producers: Microsoft, Google and Mozilla. I don't know if you are aware of this, but a very interesting, nice and … sweet initiative has been established between the three companies, which has been going on for 14 years.

It all began in 2006, when Mozilla released the Firefox 2 web browser. Microsoft representatives then managed a nice gesture and decided to prepare an unexpected gift for Mozilla employees. A courier came to Mozilla's headquarters and gave the astonished employees a cake. The baking was accompanied by a message about the content "Congratulations on your release! Lots of love, IE crew".

Microsoft Mozilla Google Cakes 2
Source: Fred Wenzel

The Redmond giant did not stop at a one-off gesture. Microsoft employees sent further cakes for the release of Firefox 3 and 4 to Mozilla. Later, they switched to cupcakes, when the publishing cycle gained momentum and shortened to 6 weeks. Apparently, Redmond employees did not want to overdo their competitors too much.

Six years passed before the competition returned the gift

Until 2012, it was necessary to wait for Mozilla to decide to return the nice gesture. A cake from Mozilla came to Microsoft on the occasion of the release of Internet Explorer 10. The cake with a huge logo … Firefox was attached the message: "Congratulations on IE10, with Mozilla's love". Then the mutual customary cake exchange began.

Microsoft mozilla google cakes 1
Source: Matt Brubeck

It wasn't until 2015 that Google decided to join the fun, congratulating Microsoft on the first release of Microsoft Edge with a cake. "Congratulations on your release! The Chrome team," said the message on the cake.

It was in 2015 that three companies began to send each other cakes in a cycle of about six weeks. Recently, Firefox has changed its publishing cycle, guaranteeing a new release every 4 weeks, which will force Google and Microsoft to send new, probably slightly less calorie surprises.

As you can see, you can differ in terms of important views on software, and still live in harmony with each other.

Source: Softpedia