Microsoft confirms the "extremely frightening" vulnerability in all Windows systems

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Will Windows 7 get an update?

It looks like Microsoft is facing a serious problem. He is also facing all the people who have decided not to change Windows 7 to another system despite the fact that today his official support ends. Security expert Brian Krebs announces that there is a major security flaw in all versions of Windows that is even described as "extremely scary". Its presence has been confirmed by Microsoft.

The security researcher claims that the vulnerability exists in the basic cryptographic component that exists in all versions of Windows. A successful exploit may allow cyber criminals to fake a digitally signed software source. The vulnerability that could allow an attacker to run malware as a trusted application, apparently also raised concerns at the United States National Security Agency (NSA). Cybersecurity Director Anne Neuberger is expected today to organize a media conversation to discuss what is described as a problem of universal cybersecurity. No further details were given.

Interestingly, the appropriate update will allegedly have available to representatives of the US Army and major Microsoft customers who agreed to sign contracts under which they promised to remain silent. Normal users are vulnerable. Microsoft denies that this is the case.

Microsoft confirmed that the update will not be released today, when providing patch patches for Patch Tuesday. It remains to be hoped that the Windows 7 giant will make an exception and update their systems despite previous declarations.

That is why it is worth using an updated and supported system. Maybe free Linux Lite 4.8, What?

Source: KrebsOnSecurity