Messenger with news for the premiere of Star Wars: Skywalker. Revival

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Lightsabers in hand!

The next week is undoubtedly a special time for most fans of the Star Wars movie series. From Wednesday (December 18), cinemas across Poland will begin to let viewers into the pre-premiere screenings of the ninth episode of the star saga. If you want to feel the cosmic atmosphere even more clearly, then we have great information for you.

Facebook has announced news referring to the new Star Wars, which in the coming days will go to Messenger. We are talking about trifles like themed stickers, special reactions or unique effects using AR technology.

This last element is certainly the most effective function. AR effects can be activated when making a video call or taking a photo to the Relationship section. On the occasion of the premiere of the movie Star Wars: Skywalker. Rebirth (this dot in the title really hurts) Facebook in cooperation with Disney has implemented three filters.

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The first of them was named "Light Speed ​​Effect" – it causes a coating around our face to imitate the process of flying into hyperspace. In addition, we can use "Cockpit Effect"who will turn us into a pilot of the Rebel Alliance and from "Dark vs Light Effect" – thanks to this filter we will be able to express our loyalty to the dark or light side of the power by tilting the head left or right.

An equally interesting addition is the unique chat theme, which is activated from within "Theme" menu in the chat settings. Stars will appear in the background of the conversation, and standard responses to the message will be replaced with emoticons referring to Star Wars.

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Are you going next week for the latest installment of Star Wars? If so, be sure to take advantage of the news prepared by Facebook.

Source: SlashGear