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Messenger with dark mode: how to turn on and why is it worth it?


As announced, Facebook has armed his Messenger with an optional dark graphic theme. For now as part of the tests, so to enable this feature, you should use an unusual trick.

The Messenger from the beginning of its existence has a clear interface. Facebook, however, decided to join the recently popular trend and give the users a dark theme.

Dark mode in Messenger – how to turn it on?

To activate the dark mode, install the latest version of Messenger from Google Play or the App Store, and send yourself or someone to emoji with a crescent, and then click it several times. Importantly, it must be exactly the kind of picture you see in the screenshots below.

Dark Theme / Facebook Messenger
Dark Theme / Facebook Messenger

After this simple operation, a link to the settings panel is displayed in the upper part of the conversation window in which you can enable the dark mode.

Messager’s creators honestly inform you that the dark mode is in the testing phase, so there may be minor errors or failures. I can, however, confirm that the new graphic theme is already the most usable.

The dark mode is an obligatory item for smartphone users with OLED screens

On the LCD panels, the new mode has only aesthetic values. In the case of OLED displays, its biggest advantage is the lower energy consumption.

I once tested how the colors displayed affect energy consumption. On the phone with the bright graphics displayed, the battery melted almost twice as fast as in the case of black graphics. So we’re talking about a huge difference.