Mazda 3 with a serious braking system error! The service action is starting

mazda 3 service action fault braking

A very dangerous fault.

Modern car safety systems are created according to the right idea: increasing road safety. Subsequent legal regulations force car companies to apply further solutions, which sometimes – for obvious reasons – struggle with "childhood problems". However, when, due to vulnerabilities, a system designed to improve security turns out to be deadly, the matter is serious. Just like that the problem is affecting the latest Mazda 3 cars (4th generation).

Mazda service action just launched in the United States and covered 35,390 cars produced for this market in 2019 and 2020. It turns out that because of a "programming error" emergency braking system called Smart Braking System (SBS) may not work properly. The fault is in detecting nonexistent objects in front of the vehicle and activating the automatic braking mode. You probably guessed that such system operation could lead to very serious accidents.

Mazda announced that no fatal accidents or injuries to the driver of a defective vehicle have been reported to date. Despite this, drivers must be on their guard. Until now, a large group of Japanese car users have already written about an error in the network, including on Reddit. The system can be turned off manually, but restarting the car results in its restarting.

As part of the Mazda service action, it's likely to update the car's software. Early production cars may require replacement of the entire on-board computer. All victims should be called to workshops before February 17, 2020.

At the moment, we do not know whether the fault is also found in cars sold in Poland. In your place, I would like to ask the dealer from whom you bought the car or straight to Mazda Polska.

Source: Mazda