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Many Windows drivers are vulnerable. The vulnerabilities could allow hacker attacks


Over 40 different Windows drivers have dangerous errors. They were found by specialists from Eclypsium who disclosed information in Las Vegas during the DEF CON conference. The vulnerabilities are quite serious and allow code execution and attacks. There is a problem with software from 20 hardware manufacturers.

When installing various Windows drivers, we often don’t realize that they can be a gateway for hackers. This conclusion can be drawn from what specialists from Eclypsium found who disclosed information about driver vulnerabilities at the DEF CON conference in Las Vegas.

Specialists from Eclypsium found errors in more than 40 drivers that come from 20 equipment manufacturers. They have faulty code that can be used to attack computers. You only need properly prepared software that will allow you to call the code.

The problem is so serious that the drivers are able to obtain permissions to the Windows kernel. It also opens the possibility of installing malicious code at the firmware level, which means that reinstalling the windows will not make the malware disappear. The list of companies disclosed by Eclypsium also includes BIOS suppliers, including ASUS, Huawei, Intel, NVIDIA and Toshiba.

Remember that drivers should be updated on a regular basis. If you don’t want to forget about it, you can always install a program that will do it for you. For this purpose, be sure to take a look at the article: Top 5 driver update programs.

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