Man will travel through space with such vehicles. At least according to Lexus

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In 2220.

If you've ever wondered what the transport of the future might look like, then the answer is simple – at least according to Lexus. A company known for the production of cars has created several concept sketches that are intended to depict a space vehicle used to travel around the universe. According to Lexus, from technology it will be available in about 200 years.

The design of the space vehicle itself was created in the ED2 design studio. In the same place, designers also develop ideas that can be useful to people on the surface of the moon. Designer K. Dujardin is responsible for the futuristic motorcycle with the graceful name "Zero Gravity". According to Dujardin, his vehicle would effectively use lower gravity to specifically levitate above the surface of the moon and other planets.

However, neither Lexus nor any of the designers gave an answer to what the steering and balance would look like in the vehicle by the driver. It is not over yet.


The second of the ideas designed by Jean-Baptiste Henry shows a squid-like ship. The structure has large panels of carved glass so that people inside can enjoy the space that surrounds them. This is a more cosmic, flying observatory than a vehicle carrying people and products from A to B.

The last of the projects belongs to Julien Marie. Designer has created a special ball that is able to roll over difficult terrain, as well as bounce off obstacles. Inside the sphere there will be a life support system that allows you to breathe air. The design can move at any angle, completely without limiting the person controlling it.

Of course, it's worth remembering that Lexus concepts are just ideas that are nowhere at all – also in terms of technology.

However, the manufacturer is trying to predict in an interesting way what exactly the future of space vehicles might look likewhen humanity develops enough to be able to create them.


Source: DT