MacBook Pro 16 is an underdeveloped sell? Big problems with devices


Sigh …

Who would expect? Extremely positively rated by many journalists, the MacBook Pro 16 joins a wide range of Apple products that are affected by defects hindering their normal use. The problems are exactly the same as the price of the device itself – significant. Laptop users are reporting serious sound issues as well as ghosts found on very nice Retina screens. And this is not about a handful of cases.

Recordings flood the network created by frustrated MacBook Pro 16 users who are driven crazy by the "popping", loud sound coming from the speakers. This happens when you scroll through sound files and movies with sound. The problem occurs at all frequencies available in the settings menu. Pop, pop, pop Listen and see for yourself.

It is difficult to say how big the scale of the problem is, but topics appear both on the MacRumors forum, Reddit and Apple forums. To many Apple laptop users, it may seem "it's not a bug, it's a function" and they obediently agree to this state of affairs. Of course, there are already people explaining the giant that he is paying the price for his popularity. I wonder if if a similar glitch affected Acer or Lenovo laptops, would they write the same.

Will we soon find out that "this is how it should be", as in the case of iPhones 11 Pro, which locate users without their consent? It's hard to say because Apple still has not addressed the matter. Comforting is the fact that we are probably dealing with a bug that will solve the appropriate software update.

The company from Cupertino is also silent about the ghosts appearing on the screens used by the laptops in question. This one is visible when scrolling the text and is probably due to very poor matrix response time. Again, it is difficult to estimate the scale of the problem, because many users simply do not pay attention to it even when it is visible.

In my the premiere entry about the MacBook Pro 16 I wrote that prices are quite low for this manufacturer's laptops. Now I can see that even lower quality came with a lower price.

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