Lyrics can go back to Spotify. Tests are ongoing

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Fingers crossed.

Just a few years ago, Spotify users could enjoy the song lyrics displayed in the app while listening to any songs. Over time, however, Spotify ended cooperation with the company that provided this service, and thus the texts from the application have disappearedto the disappointment of lovers of singing. However, it seems that soon they can wait for a great return.

TechCrunch reports that Spotify is already testing the function of displaying song lyrics live in some markets. The company did not reveal which markets are involved, but unofficially there is talk about Canada, Indonesia and Mexico.

This time the platform will be responsible for the lyrics on Spotify musixmatch. Like textual or Genius, it is the basis for song lyrics and their translations.

How will the lyrics of Spotify work? Based on reports of people who received access to the tested function, it can be said that the texts will be displayed under the controls on the player's main screen. However, you will be able to move them to the entire screen. Importantly, just like in Apple Music, the currently sung fragments will be highlighted in the lyrics, and all the lyrics will be automatically scrolled.