Keep an eye on loaded equipment. This electric scooter was turning into a fireball [wideo]

the scooter exploded

Dangerous batteries.

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I do not know if you know, but using smartphones you carry everyday in your pocket, and sometimes you also hold something on your ear that, in the right conditions, can do you a really terrible harm. If you are unlucky, for now you basically have a device equipped with a lithium battery. I am writing this because I just watched a movie in which a Xiaomi charged scooter turned into a fireball – fortunately, no one was probably hurt.

The recording shows how the scooter is slowly starting to emit smoke. This is noticed by its owner, who runs to contact to disconnect her. A moment later, the scooter goes up in flames, and the man escapes with horror from the room with his small child in his arms. See:

What happened? Most likely, the battery was unsealed, which led to a chemical reaction resulting in the ignition of materials contained in the battery. Sealing could occur, for example, by extreme swelling of the battery, which led to a violation of its structure. A similar effect can be seen on the recording, where someone intentionally unseals this type of battery with a knife. Do not try this at home or outside!

The problem of burning lithium-ion batteries is something that needs to be eliminated in … electric cars in the future. These batteries burn so fast that the driver may not be able to get out of the burning car in the event of an accident. Putting out burning batteries is not an easy task, which is perfectly illustrated by the following recording with a burning Tesla.

Have you ever had a similar case of a burning battery?