Just a moment longer. The dark theme is fast approaching mobile Facebook

facebook dark theme 1

Soon everyone will have it.

Facebook and dark theme is quite a complicated relationship. About the so-called platform dark mode will appear we have known for a long time. Functional tests have been conducted for at least several months and everything seems to indicate that the waiting time is slowly coming to an end.

If you are active users of services from a social giant, you probably know about the presence of a dark theme in the Messenger application. Unfortunately, the main Android service still does not offer the option of changing the color of the interface – despite the fact that the introduction of the switch has been talked almost since the beginning of this year.

facebook dark theme

They have been appearing on Reddit for several days screenshots from people who noticed a dark theme in the mobile version of Facebook. As you can see – dark mode does not look like a prototype, so it's possible that it will soon be implemented by a wider group of consumers.

Under the source article you can find some comments from readers suggesting that the dark theme has been available for a long time. These voices indicate that Facebook is gradually providing the opportunity to go to the dark side of power to an increasing number of users. We have to wait patiently.

Source: Android Police