Jokes are over. You have less than 2 weeks to say goodbye to Windows 7

end of windows 7The clock is ticking.
The topic of ending support for Windows 7 has already been rolled out many times, and still many users stubbornly stick to the old system, which made his debut in October 2009. However, the calendar is inexorable, so it's worth reminding once again, January 14 Microsoft will end support for "seven" and the system will be without security update.

Cyber ​​security specialists can alert, educate, and we still have a large group of people who ignore this type of message. Take a look at the latest StatCounter statistics. In December 2019, Windows 7 was still installed on 26.82% of computers. Windows 10 has a clear advantage (65.37%) but it is also worth noting that the Internet is not lacking in users of Windows 8.1 (4.87%), Windows 8 (1.29%) and unsinkable XP (1.29%) .

StatCounter Windows 2019

Popularity of Windows systems in December 2019 according to StatCounter

Not much time left

The latest security patches for Windows 7 may be provided by Microsoft on Tuesday, January 14. From 15 the system will be without support, and the manufacturer will not have to take care of its security. This means that criminals planning cyber attacks will have an open path to search or security to actively use them to steal data.

This schedule applies to home users. For companies, there is a certain gate. Microsoft is aware that many companies still have IT systems based on "seven". However, you will need this type of support pay – companies that purchase a custom upgrade plan can count on upgrades until 2023.

Microsoft's decision in this regard is understandable, no updates maybe even threaten national security what the American administration pointed out. In Pennsylvania alone, of the 10,000 election-enabled computers, most use the Windows 7 operating system … or older.

Time to change

For several years, Microsoft has been trying to convince users to change to Windows 10, which is being developed and is still receiving not only security updates but also new features.

Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users could take advantage of the free upgrade to "tens" one year after the system's release – at least in theory. It turns out that Windows 10 is still available for free – just use the official tool, about which we wrote at the beginning of December 2019.