Johnny Trigger – slow motion shooting (game review)

Johnny Trigger

Uncomplicated fun in the special agent.

Many of us mobile games make everyday commuting more pleasant, waiting in queue or a short break in learning. Uncomplicated titles find themselves particularly well in this role, as they do not engage too much and offer simplified control – preferably with one finger.

Johnny Trigger – an addictive and not very complicated action game.

Price: usd 0 / Contains ads / Android: 4.1 and newer
Johnny Trigger "width =" 128 "height =" 128Johnny Trigger has all the features described. This is an addictive action game in which we play the title special agent and traverse subsequent locations, eliminating enemies. Our character moves by itself – our task is only to touch the screen at the right moment to shoot accurately.

When our hero approaches his opponents, time slows down and we can track the laser pointer. Making accurate shots is not too difficult, but we have no opportunity to improve – the missed opponent shoots in our direction and we have to start the level again. Every few levels we fight bosses. With the virtual money we can buy new weapons and clothing. The game is a lot of fun and when it comes to the game itself, it is difficult to find something to improve.

Johnny Trigger scr 1
Johnny Trigger is a simple and surprisingly addictive game. The only drawback to this production is (of course) advertising. We do not have the option of purchasing the premium version here. However, one solution here is to play without internet access.

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