Japan will help NASA build a space station in the orbit of the moon


Good news for Americans.

In September this year, NASA and the Japanese space agency JAXA expressed their intention to cooperate to help the Americans implement the Artemis program. Now Japan's participation in the project has become official. We even know what the assistance of this country will be.

The goal of the Artemis program is to send people to the moon again, including the first woman, in 2024. The implementation of this assumption in such a short time will be extremely difficult, but assistance provided by other countries may facilitate it.

JAXA's plan to help the US agency was approved by the Japanese government, which accepted the recommendation of its country's space policy committee. Acceptance took place during a meeting attended by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

As Japan Times reports, Japan has "Offer technical support" while constructing a space station in the orbit of the moon – Lunar Gateway. In particular, JAXA is to provide life support systems, air conditioning systems or batteries. It is not yet known whether JAXA will also be involved in the construction of the station itself. The said committee abstained from taking a decision on this matter, due to concerns regarding the costs of this undertaking.

Recall that the station Lunar Gateway will not only be used for research work, but also as a waypoint on flights, at least initially to Mars. It will include, inter alia, living quarters for astronauts, laboratories and docking ports for spacecraft.

The Japanese hope that as they help NASA, their astronauts will be able to take part in manned flights to the moon. Will this happen, time will tell. However, Japan is not the only country that has decided to support NASA. Australia officially announced cooperation with NASA in September, and the European Space Agency is reportedly to do so soon.

Source: Japan Times