It's today! Free Lime scooter rides for the Car Free Day

2019-09-22 092110

Lime joins the Car Free Day celebration.

We celebrate on Sunday, September 22 Car Free Day, crowning the European Week of Sustainable Transport. Many municipal transport companies offer free rides on this day to drivers upon presentation of a registration certificate and driving license. The electric scooter operator also joined the action Lime.

Only today the company has made available to everyone application users in Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław code for free travel up to 10 zlotys (14 minutes).

Just enter the following code in the application: ZOSTAWKLUCZYKI

The code can be used throughout the day of September 22.

A recent opinion survey among Lime users indicates that electric scooters are helping to reduce the number of cars on the streets. According to respondents, every fourth trip Lime replaces them with car travel.

Scooters also harmonize seamlessly with public transport – in the last month, nearly half of the users used Lime to get to the subway stop or station.

The Car Free Day code is not the only Lime activity related to the ongoing Sustainable Transport Week. The company also participates in events organized in Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław, where it provides its scooters and carries out safe driving training.

New users of the Lime application can also use dedicated codes enabling free travel in individual cities:


Each of the codes allows one free ride up to usd 10 (14 minutes) for each new user to be used by the end of October.

Source: Lime