It's not a joke, Samsung creates an "artificial man". Video leaked

2020-01-05 111522

Neon project at CES 2020.

A few days ago, information appeared on the network that Samsung at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas will present the mysterious Neon project. It has been speculated that the company is building realistic human avatars that can be used for entertainment and business purposes. The latest tweet from the project manager confirmed these reports.

Neon project leader, human-computer interaction researcher Paranav Mistry, posted a tweet showing one of the avatars. Samsung claims that the "Core R3" technology will be able to independently create new expressions, movements, dialogues, completely different from the originally captured data.

Unlisted video downloaded from the source code of the project website revealed even more information. The videos were originally published on Reddit and can now be viewed on YouTube. The possibilities of the presented technology look really impressive.

It is possible that this is what the future looks like in many industries. Realistic human avatars can ultimately be used for entertainment and business purposes as guides, receptionists and TV presenters.

Source: The Verge