It's certain now. Instagram will alert you if you want to post an offensive post

instagram notification 2

Artificial intelligence in action.

Instagram has for some time been regularly tightening its policy regarding the types of content that can be published on the platform. Of course, advanced artificial intelligence is involved – this is about to start warning users before inserting an entry with inappropriate terms.

We were able to hear about the title novelty once. However, we did not know if Instagram would eventually decide to implement it. Now it is certain. The service will soon be enriched with a special notificationthat will pop out to Internet users when trying to publish a post.

Artificial intelligence is to detect what words are used in the entry description and learn machine unwanted phrases on a regular basis thanks to machine learning. So if you find that writing "you are stupid" is okay, Instagram will quickly make you aware of how wrong you are.

instagram notification 1

In the screenshot above, we can see that the platform will allow the user to edit the description, learn a little more about Instagram's policy or … publish the post anyway. However, the internet user must take into account that his post can be quickly deleted and his account blocked.

This is another step of the social giant to reduce toxicity on the site. Certainly, the function will not stop everyone who wants to publish something unpleasant, but probably some Internet users will listen to the warning. The implementation of the novelty will take several months.

Source: The verge