It's certain – Instagram will hide the likes counter under posts

instagram likes 1

We have confirmation from the platform's CEO.

"Will Instagram hide the likes counter under posts?" – Over the past few months, a lot of articles with similar titles have appeared on the web. All entries were around rumors or early testing of the controversial feature. It was vain to look for an official statement from the head of the platform.

However, the long waiting time has come to an end. Instagram CEO – Adam Mosseri – announced that the first country where public tests of the title novelty will be carried out will be the United States. Until now, a few users of Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand could experience the lack of likes counter. The announcement was presented at the WIRED25 conference.

As stated by the director general of the platform: "This is the last step to making Instagram the safest place on the Internet". It is difficult not to start a discussion with such a statement – especially if we recall numerous scandals with a popular application in the lead role.

The CEO's above statement is clear evidence that the decision to hide the likes counter under posts is not just one million tests performed. We're talking about a change that is likely to be implemented. However, there is still the possibility of Instagram resigning from taking, after all, a radical step.

It is also worth noting that the likes will not be visible only to people who leave them. If you are the owner of a given profile, information about who clicked the "heart" under your post will not be a secret.

Source: The verge