Is it worth buying a Hykker Smart Home from Biedronka? I checked it (review)


We check cheap smart home equipment.

Electronics regularly appear in the Biedronka store network, which attracts the attention of many Poles. This time intelligence of the Hykker Smart Home lighting accessories has appeared in the favorite supermarket. I am talking about an LED RGB strip with a length of up to 3 meters, an intelligent socket with an energy meter, as well as intelligent LED bulbs with a power of 7 W and LED RGB with a power of 9 W. When I learned that the equipment can be controlled not only from the dedicated Hykker Smart app Home, but also with the help of Google Assistant (and others!), I hastily went to the store and did it purchase.

RGB LED strip is the best of all purchases, but it has a slight drawback

Costing 99 zlotys RGB LED strip with Wi-Fi is a product that hit my tastes the most. In a small box there is a tape with 90 LEDs, which is accompanied by an AC adapter (100-240 V), a remote control for backlighting and a small connector that allows you to connect several tapes in longer configurations.

RGB LED Wi-Fi strip

The diodes have been embedded in a substance that protects them from water. The tape can, for example, be cut into two smaller sections in a designated place. The tape is terminated from two sides with female 4-pin plugs. Can it be powered from the plug on the computer board? Yes, but with this length and number of LEDs, it will be dim.

Hykker Smart Home 4

The tape can be attached to any surface with self-adhesive 3M tape on the back.

How to turn on the tape? Just plug it into contact. The backlight is very nice and intense. You can opt out of the Smart function, but the tape is easy to pair with the intuitive Hykker Smart Home app that I recommend you do it. Then you will gain access to the full spectrum of backlight adjustment. Cons of the app? Works only with Wi-Fi networks at a crowded 2.4 GHz frequency.


Unfortunately, both copies of the tape purchased by me suffered from a popular disadvantage even for much more expensive solutions of this type. With some colors and a certain light intensity, the power supply likes to "squeak". Replacing the power supply for a better one should effectively solve the problem.

A smart socket will allow you to control your electricity costs

Smart sockets with current measurement priced at usd 59.99 is a nice method to increase one's awareness of the actual energy consumption in the home. The quality of workmanship, as in the case of other equipment purchased by me, is high. The socket looks nice and the power button is illuminated.

Hykker Smart Home 5

You can connect devices with maximum power to each of the sockets that act as a kind of adapter between the contact, and for example a strip with subsequent devices 3300 watts. Quite a lot.

Pairing sockets with the Hykker Smart Home app is extremely easy and only after this process can you use them. From the app level, you can remotely turn on or off the socket by cutting off power to all devices connected to it. You can also create schedules and set the power cut off from all awake devices at specific times – individually for each day of the week. Forgot to turn off the iron before leaving the house? You will turn them off remotely.

Hykker Smart Home 11

In addition, you can access electricity consumption statistics from the application level. It will make you better estimate expenses on electricity and let you know what percentage of all expenses are those incurred for a specific device or group of devices.


The only shortcoming of the socket I observed is the inability to read power consumption from devices with a switch on the cable, for example night lamps. Detriment.

Smart Hykker RGBW 9W bulb with Wi-Fi shines perfectly

If the LED strip seems too flashy to you, then you may want to get a mood light in your apartment with an LED bulb with a variable backlight color. Such a light bulb is Hykker RGBW 9W with Wi-Fi with E27 thread, still most often used in Polish apartments.

Hykker Smart Home 6

The bulb shines white with a color temperature with a fairly warm and tiring eye shade before pairing with the application. Pairing with the application and the Wi-Fi network takes literally a few seconds and a moment later you can already control the device from the application level. Again, you can set a schedule and make, for example, the color of the light dependent on the time.Are you on holiday and want to turn on the light in the whole house to mislead the thieves? Go ahead, you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Hykker Smart Home 8

I used to use twice as expensive TP-Link light bulbs and in truth it is difficult for me to point out any differences between the two constructions in terms of quality of workmanship. People sensitive to LED light can at most pay attention to flickering occurring in some lighting conditions, which sometimes likes to accompany cheaper constructions.


Best of all Hykker's app offers the option of integration with various assistants. You can control Hykker equipment via IFTTT, Google Assistant, Alexa or Rokid. The user can for example tell "turn on the light in the living room"to activate all the bulbs connected in a group or "turn on the LED strip" to turn on the chamber lighting.

Is it worth buying Hykker Smart Home accessories from Biedronka?

Short: I think so. The manufacturer provides good quality equipment at very competitive prices. Everything from the level of product implementation, through their configuration, ending with the possibilities and functional values ​​deserves warm words. If you want to make your home more modern, cozy and … smarter, then the perfect opportunity has come to do it at a favorable price.

The cleaning robot icon appears on the program provided by Hykker. Could it have hit the Biedronka offer for Christmas?