Is it possible to breathe the fumes of a hydrogen cell car? See this video

hydrogen car


Can you imagine a future where cars would run "on the water" or "air?" You can't hide – such a world would certainly be … simply cleaner. Hyundai proved it, which decided to speed up the time a bit and construct a car emitting only water and oxygen. However, its advertising is more interesting than the car itself.

The Hyundai Nexo vehicle is only an experiment. At present, we do not have adequate fuel cell infrastructure that would make it possible to promote hydrogen-powered engines. However, there is nothing to prevent this experiment from being properly advertised and to force Internet users to reflect.

The video material presents an Olympic swimmer enclosed in a bubble, which runs on a treadmill. The "lampshade" is connected to the exhaust pipe of a Hyundai Nexo car. What is the purpose of this advertisement? Showing that The "exhaust" emitted by the vehicle is 99.9 percent filtered oxygen and water, and thus – they are completely safe for the environment and humans.

Will this really be the automotive future? May! However, it is difficult not to notice the problems associated with the implementation of such solutions. Oil market and countries strongly associated with the fuel industry are unlikely to be satisfied if they were told that from tomorrow petrol and gas would not be needed.

Source: Engadget