IPhone X smartphone users have a growing problem with batteries


The end is near.

The year 2018 was marked by an affair related to Apple's activities, which affected the performance of older smartphone models. The giant from Cupertino admitted to using this treatment by saying that it does it for the benefit of users. Throttling activates automatically when the iPhone detects that the battery in the smartphone has already been used up to some extent. This function is automated and cannot be turned off. The owners of newer and newer iPhones complain about the problems.

Currently, iPhone X smartphone owners have the biggest trouble. Many phones bought some time ago approaching the critical level of 80% battery efficiency. All you need is just 500 charging cycles to make the cell supplying valuable equipment work noticeably worse. According to Apple's policy, its worse performance also affects the decrease in the device's computing power. In a word: all iPhone operations are slower.

"A typical battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after 500 full charge cycles during normal operation. Our one-year warranty covers service for a defective battery. If this one is no longer covered by warranty, Apple offers a paid battery replacement service", we read in the Apple message. The price of a new battery at an authorized service center is at least usd 269 for newer device models.

More and more posts are appearing on Reddit and other parts of the network suggesting that the growing number of devices is reaching this limit, which for many people it means expenses or … coming to terms with worse performance. How much impact on the battery consumption of an Apple smartphone on its operation? We have already written about it – check it out for yourself how much slower is an iPhone with an old battery. You will be amazed.

Apple in September this year reported that will also slow down last year's iPhone XR and XS smartphones, their owners should also be prepared for immediate problems. Apple phone users can check the "percentage" status of battery performance in the Settings menu in the battery section.

Apple smartphones are designed in such a way that if the controversial system did not work, devices would more often turn off and restart spontaneously, which was the problem with many of them before making changes. Used batteries from Apple cope with the need for some reason getting worse processor demand for power during temporary cases when these perform the most complex calculations.

How are the batteries in your iPhones? The devices are already at the 80% border or are they slowly approaching it yet?