IPhone Index 2019. How many days do you have to work to buy something new from Apple?

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 12:07, Written by Mateusz Ponikowski
11/09/2019 121350

Price madness.

Every year, Apple's pricing policy causes more and more amazement to customers and is often a source of inspiration for online memes. The sense of humor does not depend on prosperity: jokes in the US are also current in Poland.

After Tuesday's presentation of new gadgets, the Picodi.com analytical team decided to set the price of the smartphone iPhone 11 Pro (64 GB model) with average salary in each country to calculate the number of days needed to work to purchase this device.

The official price of iPhone 11 Pro in the 64 GB version is in Poland PLN 5,199. Assuming that average salary in our country, according to GUS data for the second quarter of 2019, it is PLN 4839 gross (PLN 3438 net), a statistical Pole would have to work 31.8 daysto afford to buy this year's flagship iPhone (excluding other living costs). This is 0.7 days less compared to last year.

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Switzerland, the USA and Luxembourg were at the top of the ranking, where the ratio of the iPhone price to average earnings is the most favorable. A statistical Swiss will be able to put the necessary amount on an iPhone 11 Pro in 4.8 days, an American in 5.8 days, and a resident of Luxembourg – in 6.7 days.

The anti-record belongs to Mexico: in this country the average citizen has to put 54.2 days on the new iPhone. And in countries like the UK and Germany, the new gadget is worth 12.7 and 9.9 business days, respectively.

Source: picodi.com